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Lung Function Testing

Lung Function Testing

Do you have a chronic cough?  Do you feel short of breath at rest or on exertion? Do you produce regular sputum?  Have you noticed a wheeze?  Do you have a history of smoking?

These are all symptoms and signs that could suggest an underlying problem with your lungs.  It is easy to diagnose asthma and COPD with simple lung function testing.

The lung function tests can:

  • Diagnose respiratory conditions
  • Determine the severity of any impairment
  • Determine the response to treatment

 Spirometry is the most common of the lung function tests and this can be performed in the clinic. The investigation is quick and easy and all you need is to breathe into the spirometer machine.  After a deep inspiration you seal your lips around the mouthpiece before blowing out as fast and as far as you can until your lungs are completely empty.

Normal readings vary, depending on your age, size, and sex.  You will therefore have your weight and height measured.

If your reading suggests any abnormality with your lungs, we are happy to arrange further investigations and discuss the treatment options to help improve your symptoms.