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We are able to vaccinate babies and children according to the recommended immunisation schedules.  We are happy to provide information and discuss any questions or concerns regarding immunisations.

Travel Vaccinations

We also offer a range of travel vaccinations.  Please check with the clinic what vaccinations are recommended for your destination.  Some immunisations require more than one injection to give optimum immunity so try to leave plenty of time before you travel.

Influenza Vaccination

Reduce your risk of influenza with an annual vaccination.  To enhance your immunity throughout the winter period, ideally the vaccination should be given in September, October or November.

Influenza £25
Gardasil (3 injections required) £150 each
Hepatitis B (3 injections required) £50 each
Hepatitis A (3 injections required) £50 each
Hepatitis A & B (3 injections required) £50 each
Cholera £60
Rabies £80
Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae B, polio £55
Meningitis C & Haemophilus influenzae B £85
Pneumococcus (child) £70
Pneumococcus (adult) £45
MMR £45
Rotavirus £85
Chicken pox (2 injections required) £80 each

Please call or email with your request for prices of any other vaccinations.