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Baby Checks

Baby Checks

All newborn babies should have two full physical examinations; the first within the first 72 hours after birth and the second when the baby is between six and eight weeks old. This is a top-to-toe comprehensive examination to allow early detection of any possible abnormalities.

There are four screening components to identify congenital cataracts, congenital heart disease, developmental dislocation of the hip and undescended testes in males.

The full examination includes assessment of;

  • The anterior and posterior fontanelles
  • The head circumference
  • The ears
  • The eyes
  • The mouth and palate
  • The heart
  • The pulses
  • The chest
  • The abdomen
  • The hands
  • The legs
  • The genitalia
  • The tone
  • The spine
  • The reflexes
  • Hip stability with Barlow’s and Ortalani’s tests
  • Weight and length

If there are any concerns, referral to a Paediatrician or appropriate Specialist will be made for follow up and further investigation. This is also an opportunity to discuss any problems or difficulties, talk about childhood immunisations and for Mum to have a check-up post delivery.