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Medical Consultations & Health Screening in North Central London

  • General Practice Consultations

    General Practice Consultations

    For management of acute and on-going medical health problems, a thirty-minute consultation includes a full medical history and clinical examination. We have extensive experience of managing both adults and children. We are happy to manage any chronic health problems including diabetes,…

  • Wellman / Wellwoman Medicals

    Wellman / Wellwoman Medicals

    A 60 minute consultation with the doctor to assess your health, manage any current concerns and detect early signs of preventable diseases. In-depth medical history taken including personal and family history Review of lifestyle including diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking…

  • Sexual Health & Contraception

    Sexual Health & Contraception

    Confidential sexual health screening is available to allow early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.  The service involves; History and examination – Chaperones are available for examinations Urine tests Blood tests Swabs (not needed unless you have symptoms) Prescriptions…

  • Immunisations


    Children We are able to vaccinate babies and children according to the recommended immunisation schedules.  We are happy to provide information and discuss any questions or concerns regarding immunisations. Travel Vaccinations We also offer a range of travel vaccinations.  Please…

  • Baby Checks

    Baby Checks

    All newborn babies should have two full physical examinations; the first within the first 72 hours after birth and the second when the baby is between six and eight weeks old. This is a top-to-toe comprehensive examination to allow early…

  • Ear Syringing

    Ear Syringing

    Ear wax is produced by the glands in the outer ear to protect the lining of the ear canal.  The ear canal can become blocked when hard wax becomes impacted.  This can lead to symptoms of; Ear discomfort Hearing loss…

  • Laboratory & Radiology

    Laboratory & Radiology

    A wide range of laboratory tests are available.  Contact the clinic for prices of specific tests.   There are no fees for phlebotomy and no consultation fee is applied if you only require a laboratory test.  Commonly requested tests include:…

  • Lung Function Testing

    Lung Function Testing

    Do you have a chronic cough?  Do you feel short of breath at rest or on exertion? Do you produce regular sputum?  Have you noticed a wheeze?  Do you have a history of smoking? These are all symptoms and signs…

  • Diabetes Screening

    Diabetes Screening

    Diabetes occurs when the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood becomes higher than normal. There are two main types of diabetes – type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Whenever we have something to eat or drink, this is broken down…

  • Cancer Screening – Cervical, Prostate & Breast

    Cancer Screening – Cervical, Prostate & Breast

    Quick Menu > Cervical Screening | Prostate Screening | Breast Cancer Screening Cervical Screening Women are encouraged to attend for regular cervical screening or smear tests. There are over 2,000 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed each year in the UK, and most of…

  • Aesthetics


    Anti-wrinkle injections This facial rejuvenation procedure softens the frown or laughter lines around the forehead and eyes caused by the repeated use of the underlying facial muscles.  The results are noticeable but subtle leaving you with smoother, fresher and younger…